5 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know About Dog Boots

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 Do You Know This About Dog Boots? 

DogTipper.com held a survey and found a large majority of dog owners wanted to use dog boots but found it difficult to keep them on their pet’s paws or didn’t think their dogs liked them.

suspenders for dogs with arthritis

Snuggy Boots Suspenders keep dog boots in place

Yet, 51% of respondents said they were concerned about their dog’s paws in the winter due to de-icing chemicals while another 34% have noticed cracking paw pads due to the cold.

At Canine Care Products, we’re the inventors of The Snuggy Boots Suspender System created to protect your dog’s paws by keeping boots snugly in place.

Based on our research and our customer’s experiences, here’s what we’ve found.

1—Your dog will get used to wearing booties and it doesn’t take long. Here’s a quote from one of our recent customers. “Package arrived today – put them on my dog Sparky and at first she walked a bit funny but soon got used to wearing boots. Second dog Sweetie also tried them and after a few minutes was doing OK.”

The key is practice when your dog is happy and relaxed, not when you’ve pulled out the leash and they’re doing the “going outside dance”.

2—When choosing booties, skip the “fashion” ones made to look like people shoes – like the Ugg-type boots for dogs. They’re harder to walk in because they’re not shaped like your dog’s paws–i.e., they should be shaped more like mittens than look like rain boots or Uggs.

3—Boots protect your dog’s paws from cracking in the extreme cold because they offer a layer between “bare-paws” and the harsh winter environment. They also prevent ice crystals from cutting your pet’s paws and from your pet getting sick from ingesting harmful de-icing chemicals.

4—Look for boots made with an all-weather material rather than a fabric that’s going to get cold and wet. We like these.

5—Measure your dog’s paws to find boots that fit. If your shoes didn’t fit, would you want to wear them? The secret to getting comfortable dog boots is to measure your dog’s paws correctly.

How to Measure Your Dog’s Paws

Snuggy Boots Measurement Chart

How to measure your dog’s paw for boots

Measure from the heel to the tip of the toe, this gives a little bit of room at the tip so they’re not too tight but  not so loose they fall off.

Follow these tips and your dog will be safe all winter long. See this post for more on how dog boots protect winter paws.

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