Why Agility Training Dogs Need Snuggy Boots

Why Agility Training Dogs Need Snuggy Boots 

Agility training is great for dogs but like any sport, injuries happen. Sprains, torn ligaments and even skid injuries like ripped paw pads can affect agility training dogs.

When you think about the speed at which some of these dogs careen over obstacles, weave through poles and leap through hoops, it’s no wonder they sustain bruising, sprains and sometimes more serious injuries.

Have you ever noticed your dog limping or having trouble climbing the stairs or choosing to stay on the floor rather than jump onto your bed? Those symptoms are keys that your pup is in pain or discomfort. Maybe it’s a simple case of overtraining and your pet just needs a couple of days of rest. Maybe it’s more serious.

As you know, dogs are good at hiding their discomfort!

Athletes Need Support:

  • Regular massage is one way you can help those tired, stiff muscles relax. Some agility dog owners give their pet a massage every night after training. You can concentrate on gently massaging the joints and see what level of touch your pet likes best.  Not only will your pet feel better but you’ll be better prepared to spot problems like potential sprains or bruising.
  • Chiropractic care readjusts your pet’s body when it gets out of alignment and helps it stay in top form. Acupuncture can  relieve pain around acute injuries.
  • Paw and joint protection like Snuggy Boots Suspender System – One of the requirements of the Iditarod dog sled teams is that the dogs must wear boots for paw protection. Booties protect the dog’s paws from snow and ice buildup. The Iditarod dogs cover 80-140 miles a day in the 1150 mile race induring harrowing conditions.

Agility training dogs may run their obstacle courses in mild weather without a snowflake in sight. But like any athletes they run the risk of injury.

The Snuggy Boots Suspender System will protect their paws from skid injuries and give their joints a little added “lift” and protection when the tension straps are properly adjusted.





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