How Dog Boots Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Winter

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How Dog Boots Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Winter

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These dog boots offer paw protection in all weather.How Dog Boots Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Winter

Record snowfalls this winter may have your dog taking cover under a chair and refusing to go outside. If you’ve spent a lot of time coaxing Lucy for her walks,  it may be because her paws are sensitive to the snow and it hurts.

Dog boots can help your pet enjoy winter again.

Paw Pads are Sensitive

It’s tempting to think of paw pads as a series of hard calloused areas. In reality, there are thousands of nerve endings just under the pad making them more sensitive than you think.  Consider this, would you want to go outside in the cold and snow with bare feet? Probably not. We protect our feet with warm socks and boots.

Yet, we expect our pet to go out barefoot in sub-zero temperatures.

They can feel the cold through their paw pads, which is bad enough. Yet, snow, ice crystals and salt can make it painful to walk. If you look at the intricacies of their paws, you’ll see lots of nooks and crannies that make excellent hiding places for snow and hard ice crystals. These can cripple your pet until you remove them.

Salt is even worse.

The Dangers of Salt

Those salted walkways may be good for traction but the salt crystals can cut your dog’s paws. Imagine walking along and getting a tiny tear in the bottom of your feet. Then, with every step, salt rubs against the wound.


No wonder Lucy doesn’t want to go out in the cold.

Then there are all those chemical de-icers. You have no control over what your neighbors may put out to melt the ice. If they use one of the popular chemical melters and your dog walks through it, your dog needs a good paw wash afterwards—otherwise she’ll lick it off.

As you can see, dog boots protect your dog’s paws from all kinds of hazards. Plus, you can limit the ice, salt and chemicals tracked into your house which is a bit of a bonus.

At Snuggy Boots, we like to pair dog shoes with suspenders in order to keep the boots on your dog’s feet. Otherwise, they have a tendency to slide off. (You don’t want to be chasing down booties in the snow!).

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