How Dog Boots Protect Your Pet’s Paws in Winter

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How Dog Boots Protect Your Pet’s Paws in Winter

Snuggy Boots Dog Boots

These dog boots offer paw protection in all weather.

Winter is tough on dog paws. Snow, ice, chemicals, it’s a mixture guaranteed to dry out your pet’s paw pads leaving them rough, chapped and prone to painful cracking. Think about what we use to melt snow and ice.


Imagine nicking yourself with a knife and then pouring salt on your wound. Now, imagine your dog has cracked paw pads and walks on salt covered sidewalks. It hurts. Even if your pet’s paws aren’t cracked, rock salt mixed with water releases heat and can burn your pet’s paws.

Toxic Chemicals

Chemical de-icers with carbonyl diamide calcium, magnesium acetate and potassium acetate are harmful to the environment and to your pet. They irritate your pet’s paws and aren’t safe to ingest.

Dogs are prone to licking their paws to clean them, right? Well, if they’ve been outside walking on treated pavement, they’re ingesting rock salt and/or toxic chemicals; neither are good for your pup.

Ice balls

Ice can form balls and get trapped in the nooks and crannies of your pet’s paws so it feels like walking on a rock. Sometimes the ice is sharp and can cut your pet’s paw pads, and then you’re back to rubbing salt into the wound.

You can wash your pet’s paws thoroughly after walks and hope that gets rid of all the chemicals and ice or you can use dog boots to protect your pet’s paws.

Well-fitting dog boots will keep your pet’s paws covered so they don’t even come into contact with salt, snow or salt.

If you’ve tried dog booties before and found them hard to keep in place, the Snuggy Boots Suspender System solves that problem. They clip onto the boots and then you can easily slip the boots on and off in just a couple of minutes.

It will take a few minutes for your dog to get used to wearing the boots but they’ll adjust quickly and your pet’s paws will thank you.



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