Why Dog Suspenders are Practical

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Why Dog Suspenders are Practical

Snuggy Boots dog suspenders

This dog models the Snuggy Boots Suspender System

First there were dog bakeries and now…dog suspenders! Ok, laugh if you want but we’re convinced the future will see plenty of doggie suspenders on dogs.

Why? They can have plenty of practical applications.

There are dog suspenders to keep diapers on dogs both young and old who are having problems with incontinence or other bladder problems. That’s useful, right?

There are suspenders to keep the pants on pooches who are looking to be on Fido’s “best dressed list”—can’t have those pants riding down. Not as useful but who are we to judge?

And then there are suspenders that do double duty. They prevent lost dog boots AND help dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia walk further faster because they support the joints.

The Snuggy Boots Orthotic Suspender System is that double duty suspender system. They were invented to keep a beloved pet’s injured paw pads covered while they healed. It was a bonus to find they also offered joint support. You can meet Snickers, the beloved sheltie here.

Snickers had developed a life threatening illness that made it difficult for him to walk when his back muscles nearly atrophied. In addition to his walking troubles, he was losing his paw pads. The obvious solution seemed dog booties but they kept coming off.

If you’ve ever tried dog boots on your pet, you know how quickly they come off.

Snickers’ owner fashioned a joint support system from an old pair of men’s suspenders to keep the booties in place. It clipped to the collar and to the boots. The elastic straps adjusted to Snickers’ size and kept the booties in place.

There was a bonus.

It turned out, the system also supported Snickers’ joints and helped him walk easier. Snickers regained the use of his legs and his paw pads healed thanks to this product. You can read his story here.

After wowing the animal hospital with this solution, Snickers’ owner invented Snuggy Boots for the rest of us.

If your dog has arthritis, hip dysplasia or other mobility issues, they will benefit from a physical support like Snuggy Boots. The reason is because the tension straps give your pet’s leg a little “lift” when they walk. The joint support lets them lean into the nylon straps which takes some of the pressure off the joints. The result is your pet can walk faster and further than without the support.

You can see how it works in this video.

Does your pet have joint problems? What solutions have you tried? You can enter our giveaway contest for a free Snuggy Boots Suspender System, click here.



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