How to Protect Your Dog from Sand Spurs at the Beach

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How to Protect Your Dog from Sand Spurs at the Beach

Is your area plagued with sand spurs? These prickly devils lie in wait for you or your dog to step on them, so you can limp with pain when the barbed tips sink into your foot, or your pet’s paw.

Sand spurs hurt

Ouch! Sand Spurs hurt

Then, if you’ve tried to remove them, you know they can stick your hand. The result is a painful pantomime worthy of old school slap stick.

What’s their purpose? Naturalists say they root into the ground and help keep the sand in place. Apparently, the prickly painful thing is really the seed head and it blooms in late summer into early fall along the Southern coast.

Well, ok. So everything has a purpose.

Our purpose is to avoid stepping on them. So, we wear shoes past the dunes where they tend to congregate.

But what about your dog? If your pet steps on them, it doesn’t hurt any less because they’re dogs.  They can whimper and limp about too. In fact, they have so many nooks and crannies in their paws, multiple sandspurs can lodge deep and be hard to remove.

We’re hearing from more and more pet lovers about the benefits of the Snuggy Boots Suspender System because it protects their pet’s paws.  Here’s Samantha from Cedar Key, Fl.

I spend a lot of time at the beach along the west coast of Florida near Cedar Key where there are a lot of sand spurs. My Akita, Riley, used to get sand spurs in the bottom of his feet. It was painful for him and difficult to remove the spurs. He would limp for a couple of days afterward. Then we started wearing the flexible leather bottom booty and kept it on with your Snuggy Boots suspender system. Now I have peace of mind when Riley is walking with me in the sand.

What do you do when your dog steps on a painful sand spur? Do you carry gardening gloves to pull them out? Do you fight with her trying to pull it out and not get stuck yourself? Or, do you put booties on your pet to protect her paws?










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