How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Dog Claw Marks

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Claw Marks

Your pet’s claws can leave deep scratches on your hardwood floors. Unless you plan to cover your floors with rugs, you need a plan to protect them from dog claws.

Floor experts recommend a good coat of polyurethane as your first base of protection. After that you can devise a strategy that includes:

1—Clipped nails. Keeping nails short is important for your dog’s health and for the sake of your floors. If your dog won’t let you near her with a pair of nail clippers get her to the groomer every 2-3 weeks. The big box stores like Petsmart can often handle nail clipping on a walk-in basis for just $10-15.

2—Don’t play running or fetch games inside—or at least not in the rooms with the hardwood floors. Your dog will slide and scratch the floor. It’s best to take active games outside.

3—Use rugs in high traffic areas like hallways. You really can’t get away from their usefulness. Short of having a “pup free” zone, rugs are your best defense. You can keep them in place with a rug liner or rubberized shelf paper.

4— Use doggie traction socks. These work well to keep your dog from sliding on slick floors. The rubber traction on the bottom will help keep your pet upright. If you’ve tried these and found the socks slide off, combine them with Snuggy Boots Suspender System to keep them in place.

5– Get a “fix it” kit for flooring touch ups. Home Depot and other home supply stores sell markers in popular flooring stain colors. These touch up kits give you a chance to match up the color of your floor stain and cover superficial damage.

What are your strategies for enjoying your dog yet protecting your hardwood floors? We’ve love to hear in the comments below.






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