Why Using Dog Boots for Injuries Can Help Your Dog Heal Faster

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Why Using Dog Boots for Injuries Can Help Your Dog Heal Faster

If your pet has injured a paw you will probably find it tough to keep your pet from worrying it. It’s just canine genetics to lick and nibble wounds.

Snuggy Boots Dog Boots

These dog boots offer paw protection in all weather.

We’re totally interfering with nature when we come in with antiseptic and bandages and our pets don’t understand the miracles of modern medicine so they’re going to keep at it. Maybe they think it’ll hurt less if they lick it.

That’s Where Dog Boots Can Be Handy

You can slip the dog booties on your pet’s feet covering any bandages. This protects your pet’s paws so they can heal.

When Snickers’ back paw pads peeled off (related to a life threatening illness), his owner put booties on him to protect them. Problem was, Snickers had trouble walking in the boots and they kept coming off. His owner found an old pair of men’s suspenders and created what became the Snuggy Boots Suspender System to keep them in place.

By keeping them covered, Snickers couldn’t chew them and didn’t have to wear a lampshade around his neck. His paws could heal quickly.

Dog Boots for Injuries

While you can use booties to help your pet’s paws heal, you can also use them to prevent injuries in the first place.  One of our customers says he uses them when he and his Golden Retriever Gus go hiking in the woods. Previously, Gus had cut his paw on a sharp rock and it bled terribly. It was a deep cut and Gus kept worrying with the bandages, the paw got infected. Once the vet gave him Snuggy Boots Suspender System and dog boots, the paw was able to heal.

Now, when they go hiking, Gus can wear his boots and they don’t have to worry.

Another one of our customers uses the dog boots paired with our suspender system to prevent sand spurs from getting into her pet’s paws when they walk near the beach. In the past, her Akita Riley would step on the spurs and they’d make it painful to walk. Plus, the boots protect Riley’s paws from the sizzling Florida sidewalks and beaches.

What about you? How have dog boots helped your pet recover from an injury?

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