Three Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Paws after a Walk

Three Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Paws After a Walk

After you walk your dog, do you wash his paws? Chances are, probably only think more about it if your pet got muddy on your walk or in the winter after you’ve traipsed through a few blocks covered with chemical de icers or salt.

The truth is, your dog’s paws are also exposed to tons of lawn chemicals in the spring and summer.

You probably don’t want them in your house and you certainly don’t want your dog licking them. So, it can be a good idea to clean your dog’s paws after a walk no matter the weather.

Here’s a question we received recently.

QUESTION: I have a Mal-Shi male dog and after each walk I clean his paws because they look dirty and it makes me feel like he doesn’t feel good with the dirt on his paws. Do any of you do the same or do you just leave them dirty?

What do you think?  Here’s what we like to do.

Three Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Paws:

Nothing wrong with cleaning your pet’s paws after a walk. Especially in the spring, they step in mud puddles. At any time, they’ll pick up dirt and gravel in their paws and fur and there are all types of chemicals outside. You certainly don’t want them tracking any of that through the house. Some dogs are more sensitive with their paws too. They will hold one up if they’re uncomfortable.

1–Here’s how to clean them thoroughly. Get a bucket or a dishpan and fill it with warm soapy water before you go for your walk and sit it next to the door.

That will make it easier to clean up when you get back.

When you return, dip each paw in the water, swish it around, and make sure to separate between the toes. Then, towel dry each paw.

2–If they’re not that dirty, you could wipe down the paws with a damp towel to remove some of the residue. Though if you do this, follow it with a quick brush of the paws with your comb or brush to loosen any lingering dirt.

3—Keep a mat by the door you use so your dog will step on that first rather than your clean floors. Then, have your dog walk through a rimmed cookie sheet with a little water in it and step out onto another mat or a towel.

Long-haired dogs are likely to trap mud and dirt in the fur around their paws than short-haired dogs so they may require extra attention.

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