Dogs With Peeling Paws

Does Your Dog Have Skin Peeling from His Paw?

Complaining isn’t in the nature of most dogs. They’ll walk for hours and play ball on the beach all day long even if they’re hurt. Once you see the peeling paws, you’ll be concerned of course but Fido isn’t likely to bring it to your attention on purpose.

Dog Paw Pads Aren’t Indestructible

Dog’s paw pads are tough. They serve as shock absorbers when running and jumping as well as providing traction when your dog comes sliding around the living room corner and skids to a stop.

They also protect your dog in all kinds of weather. When you think of the type of abuse they take, it’s not surprising that they can get injured, but more surprising that they don’t sustain more injuries. Winter snow, chemical ice demelters and hot pavement in the summer can all damage your pet’s paws.

5 Reasons Why Dog’s Paws Peel:

1—Burns – Hot pavement and searing sand can wreak havoc on your pet’s paws.

2—Rips— Nails, sharp rocks and even sand spurs can rip your dog’s paw pads. Some of our customers say they love the protection of the Snuggy Boots Suspender System and Footwear when they hike or go on daily walks. They no longer worry about their pet’s paws.

3—Allergies—If your dog suffers from allergies, one symptom could be peeling paw pads.

4—Footpad diseases – Hyperkeratosis is a disease affecting the tough and fibrous skin that covers the paw pads. It grows excessively causing the pads to crack so that peeling feather-like skin will appear around the edges of the paw pads.

5—Lack of moisture – If your dog’s paw pads dry out, they can crack and peel. To remedy this, you’ll want to rub Vaseline™ or other dog approved paw balm on the pads and keep them covered with dog socks so they can heal.

It’s a good idea for your vet to check out your pet’s peeling paws and make sure you address the underlying problem. If it’s a dog food allergy for instance, you’ll want to determine the cause of the allergy and eliminate it from your pet’s diet.

As your pet’s paws heal, you’ll likely need to keep them bandaged and will need to prevent your pet from licking the hurt spots. Licking can prevent healing.

If you cover the bandages with socks that will help prevent your dog from chewing and licking his paws. For extra protection, the Snuggy Boots Suspender System will keep the socks or dog booties on your pet’s feet.

Dog suspenders and dog boots

The Snuggy Boots Suspender System prevents lost dog socks and booties

Snuggy Boots dog suspenders

This dog models the Snuggy Boots Suspender System



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