Paw Problems

Protect and Prevent Dog Paw Problems

Are your pet’s feet protected?


Sand spurs, searing hot pavement, ice crystals lodged in your dog’s paw, lacerations from a stray bottle cap….all of these are real life examples of dog paw problems.

When your dog holds his paw up or limps you know something’s wrong. Typical paw injuries include: abrasions, lacerations, punctures, burns and blisters to the pawpad, dry, cracked pads and foreign objects lodged between the toes. Here are four signs of a dog paw injury.

If you’ve ever examined your dog’s paw pads, you know they’re spongy and resilient. They’re made to absorb shocks from running, jumping and daily life yet, they are vulnerable to anything the environment may throw in their path.

Mike R. says, “My Golden Retriever Gus cut the bottom of his paw on some sort of sharp object in the woods while we were hiking. It bled something awful….”

His vet bandaged up the paw but the bandage came off and the paw got infected.

Mike took Gus back to the vet… “When the vet bandaged the foot again he provided me with a set of boots and a set of Snuggy Boots Dog shoe suspenders to keep the boots on. I think the boots helped hold the cut paw together, and it kept the bandage clean and Gus could not chew on his bandage.”

Dog Paw Pads

Because there’s a large concentration of blood vessels in the paw pads, they can spill heaps of blood from even a superficial cut.

If your pet cuts a paw pad, you’ll need to clean it and wrap in a light bandage. Here’s how to do that.

While many people think of dog boots as protection from snow and ice, they can also protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement, searing sand and sand spurs. All of these pose a problem along the Gulf Coast.

Samantha G.
Cedar Key, FL

I spend a lot of time at the beach along the west coast of Florida near Cedar Key where there are a lot of sand spurs. My Akita, Riley, used to get sand spurs in the bottom of his feet. It was painful for him and difficult to remove the spurs. He would limp for a couple of days afterward. Then we started wearing the flexible leather bottom booty and kept it on with your Snuggy Boots suspender system. Now I have peace of mind when Riley is walking with me in the sand.

Here’s how to protect against dog paw pad injuries in the summer heat. Dog boots will always protect your dog’s paws.






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