Snuggy Boots Bundle

Snuggy Boots Paw Guide & Socks Bundle

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Snuggy Boots Paw Guide

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Snuggy Boots Paw Guide is a brilliant new pet product used to assist you with putting footwear on your dog. The paw guide will work on any type of dog footwear i.e., shoes or boots. Resembling your household scissors, this easy to use tool eliminates the aggravation and somewhat tedious task of putting on your dog's footwear.
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Snuggy Boots Indoor Knit Traction Socks

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Protecting your dog's paws, these are especially great for: Protects dog’s legs and paws after injuries or surgery, keeps bandages clean and keeps bandages in place, stops dogs from licking and chewing on their bandages, and much more. Read all details under product description.
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Snuggy Boots Paw Guide & Socks Bundle

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Snuggy Boots Paw Guide Measurement Chart

Snuggy Boots Socks Measurement Chart

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Snuggy Boots Dog Paw Guide – Was $18.95 Now $12.95


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Snuggy Boots Indoor Knit Dog Socks


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Pink w/Stripes, Light Blue w/Stripes, Blue w/Diamond, Dark Gray w/Stripes


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