Senior Dogs Feel Relief from Painful Joints with the Snuggy Boots System

The Snuggy Boots System Helps Your Senior Dog Feel Relief from Painful, Stiff Joints

dog wearing snuggy boots system

This dog demonstrates the Snuggy Boots System

The Snuggy Boots Suspender System has four powerful elastic straps that attach to the dog boots on each paw.

The tension in the elastic leg straps provide the support on your senior dog’s joints giving your pet greater range of motion and ease of movement.  

How it works:

The stretchy elastic bands help support and flex every joint in your dog’s leg. Your dog has four joints in each leg. Your dog could suffer with painful arthritis in any or all of these joints.   

In addition, rheumatism and hip dysplasia are common in senior dogs.

When your dog is facing painful arthritis or other conditions that reduces mobility, it’s tempting to shorten or reduce walks with your dog because it’s difficult for them.

That’s the quandary.

Exercise Can Help Your Pet Feel Better

It may seem counterintuitive, if your senior dog is having mobility issues should you walk him?

Yet, exercise is still good for your pet. In fact, it’s essential that your dog continue to exercise because when you keep the joints moving, you keep the synovial fluid flowing. This synovial fluid lubricates and nourishes the joints. It can’t do that unless your pet exercises.

The Snuggy Boots Suspender System supports your dog’s joints and provides greater stability so your pet can move with ease.  

When properly fitted and adjusted on your pet, the elastic bands will help lift the hind legs and front paws by pulling your pet’s legs together and giving them support.  The suspenders attach to the dog boots and your pet’s collar the elastic bands take the pressure off the joints so your pet can focus on walking and not feel so stiff. Your pet will be able to walk further and faster with the added support. Senior dogs facing arthritis and other conditions will find benefit and support in the combination of suspender + dog boot system created by Snuggy Boots. Dog suspenders and dog boots

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