How Dog Booties Benefit Your Dog

How Dog Booties Benefit Your Dog


Snuggy Boots Dog Booties The purpose of the Snuggy Boots Suspender System is to keep all four  dog booties on your dog’s paws so they’re protected from environmental hazards.  

In the Snow

It’s easy to think of dog boots as being most useful in severe winter weather.  Not only can dogs feel cold through their paw pads but if you walk them on salt covered sidewalks and walkways, the salt can cut their paws and sting. Plus, ice crystals can get lodged in the nooks and crannies of their paws so it’s painful to walk.

Then there are chemical de icers used to melt ice and snow. These can burn your pet’s paw pads. The other thing is, many of them are toxic to pets and if you don’t wash them off when you come home from your walk, your pet will lick them off which can have all types of long-term health ramifications.

When dog booties protect your pet’s paws, they can enjoy their outdoor exercise more because their paws are warm and dry and they stay clean from ice and chemicals. 

In the Summer

If you’ve ever hot footed it across pavement in the summer, you know how hot it can get.  When the news crews do their “hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk” stories during summer heat waves it feels blistering on both bare feet and unprotected paw pads.

Dog boots aren’t just for winter. They may feel warm to your dog in summer months but they’ll protect your pet’s paw pads for potential burns from the hot sidewalk or asphalt which you’ll both appreciate.


Hiking trails and runs through the woods pose all sorts of potential hazards for paw rips.

Mike R.
Boulder, CO

My Golden Retriever Gus cut the bottom of his paw on some sort of sharp object in the woods while we were hiking. It bled something awful. I couldn’t get it to stop. The vet bandaged it up but the bandage got dirty, came loose, and the paw became infected.

Dog shoes

Snickers models dog shoes with the Snuggy Boots System

When the vet bandaged the foot again he provided me with a set of boots and a set of Snuggy Boots dog shoe suspenders to keep the boots on. I think the boots helped hold the cut paw together, but it kept the bandage clean and Gus could not chew on his bandage.

I don’t know how his paw would have healed if it hadn’t been for the shoe. We now use the shoes and Snuggy Boots when we go hiking in areas where there could be hidden hazards. Gus may not be crazy about the shoes, but he seems to understand the idea and he makes the best of it. I feel better knowing his paws are not being damaged on rocks or whatever else might be out there.

Dog Booties Can Protect in All Situations

Good dog boots offer serious paw protection, they aren’t a fashion statement. Here’s a set we recommend. These boots offer excellent, all around protection in a variety of weather.

However, you will find that dog booties don’t stay where you put them. They slide down and come off or otherwise separate themselves from the paws they’re meant to protect.

The Snuggy Boots Suspender System ensures your dog’s boots stay securely and comfortably on your dog’s paws. Never lose dog boots again!  Order yours today.

Snuggy Boots Orthotic Suspenders

Snuggy Boots Suspenders Prevent Lost Dog Booties

Snuggy Boots Bundle

Dog booties plus dog suspenders




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