Holly B.
Macon, GA

Chrissy my black Labrador loves to play in the pool with our two kids, but when the kids get out of the pool Chrissy would run around on the cool deck and frequently her paws would bleed. I got a set of rubber bottom shoes and a set of your Snuggy Boots shoe suspenders for Chrissy to wear in swimming. She still loves to swim in the pool, but now she doesn’t cut her feet on the pool deck anymore.

Samantha G.
Cedar Key, FL

I spend a lot of time at the beach along the west coast of Florida near Cedar Key where there are a lot of sand spurs. My Akita, Riley, used to get sand spurs in the bottom of his feet. It was painful for him and difficult to remove the spurs. He would limp for a couple of days afterward. Then we started wearing the flexible leather bottom booty and kept it on with your Snuggy Boots suspender system. Now I have peace of mind when Riley is walking with me in the sand.

Robert C.
Danville, KY

My dog Sandy has mild arthritis in her right front paw. She is being treated by the vet and I give her Glucosamine and Omega 3 Supplements. But there are still a lot of times when she doesn’t want to go for her evening walks. She simply walks a few feet, turns around, comes back and sits down. So I purchased a pair of dog boots with the thin flexible rubber soles with a Velcro strap and your Snuggy Boots suspenders to keep them in place. It takes about three minutes to put the boots and suspenders on, but Sandy now walks a lot faster and travels much further before she wants to rest. Out walk goes about 20 minutes faster now. I know the shoes do not do anything for the arthritis, but something about those suspenders makes her walk more comfortable and without limping. I’ve been told it may have something to do with extra leg support and cushioning.

James S.
Chicago, IL

I live in Chicago and winters are very cold here with lots of snow. My female Schnauzer Sophie has to go out in the snow and I have always used booty’s to keep her paws from getting frost bite and snow clumps between her toes. Most of the time her shoes stayed on, but occasionally she would come back minus a shoe. It was so hard trying to find a single matching shoe. I would just end up buying a new set. Then I found out about your Snuggy Boots shoe suspenders. I no longer have to wonder whether Sophie will come back with all her shoes.

Mike R.
Boulder, CO

My Golden Retriever Gus cut the bottom of his paw on some sort of sharp object in the woods while we were hiking. It bled something awful. I couldn’t get it to stop. The vet bandaged it up but the bandage got dirty, came loose, and the paw became infected. When the vet bandaged the foot again he provided me with a set of boots and a set of Snuggy Boots dog shoe suspenders to keep the boots on. I think the boots helped hold the cut paw together, but it kept the bandage clean and Gus could not chew on his bandage. I don’t know how his paw would have healed if it hadn’t been for the shoe. We now use the shoes and Snuggy Boots when we go hiking in areas where there could be hidden hazards. Gus may not be crazy about the shoes, but he seems to understand the idea and he makes the best of it. I feel better knowing his paws are not being damaged on rocks or whatever else might be out there.

Rachel D.
Scottsdale, AR

Genie, my chocolate Labrador and I have always taken early morning walks in the park near our home in Scottsdale Arizona. To get there we have to walk on an asphalt walkway through some rocky terrain. One day we were running late for our walk. Going out was not bad, but by the time we returned the asphalt walkway had become very hot. I could feel the heat through my sneakers. I didn’t think much about it. When we got home my poor Genie’s feet were raw, bloody and two pads had come off. I was terrified. I rushed her to the veterinarian. The veterinarian tired to wrap the bottoms of her paws so they could get air, but it was a difficult situation. I was supposed to keep her off her feet, change bandages, and wash the bottom of her paws with antibacterial soap. It was an impossible situation. I couldn’t do it. Genie wouldn’t let me do it. The antibacterial soap burned and the raw flesh was sensitive to the water and washing. She snapped at me and growled. Frantic, I searched the internet. I discovered there were many other people with similar experiences. It seems dog paw pad injuries are more common than I ever imagined. Fixing the injuries are every dog owner’s worst nightmare. One blogger mentioned something about a dog shoe suspender. That led me to the Snuggy Boots website. I saw immediately this could be the answer. I purchased a full set of dog socks and ordered a large Snuggy Boots shoe suspenders. The veterinarian changed the dressing on all four paws, but replaced it with light breathable porous gauze so lots of air could get through. We put on the socks right in his office and connected the elastic leg straps of the Snuggy Boots suspenders. My vet really gave my loving pet such great care. The knit socks I purchased are porous but kept dirt out of the bandages, that prevented infection from recurring, and her paw pads stayed clean.

In about five days I could see that the paws were healing and she was going to be okay.

I’ll never walk my Genie on hot asphalt again. I have realized her paws, even though tough, have feelings with flesh and blood just below the pad surface. I now keep a set of soft rubber soled dog shoes connected to her Snuggy Boots suspenders on the passenger side floor of my SUV, just in case we have to walk on surfaces that may be hot.

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