As a Veterinarian, pet owners look to you as their most accurate and reliable source of information when they have concerns about their pets. They rely on your special knowledge, ethics and integrity to provide them with the best and most current advice and care for their pet.

We believe the information in this website provides valuable advice for pet owners who are concerned about protecting their dogs’ paws from harsh conditions or injury.

However, we realize, only a few pet owners will eventually find their way to this website and learn about the availability of canine footwear suspenders, how they keep canine shoes, booties and socks in place, and the many benefits they provide which are described within other pages of this website.

There can be no doubt that exposed dog paws become uncomfortably cold at very low temperatures whether with or without snow or ice. With snow, dog’s paws need further protection from ice balls, salt and chemicals for melting snow. At low temperatures many unanticipated hazardous conditions exist, as an example, a dog can cut its paws as it walks over cracking ice on the surface of a water puddle.

There can be no doubt that many pet owners simply do not realize that a dog’s paw can be injured by hot asphalt, extended walking on abrasive surfaces, desert trails, beach sand, sharp rocks and so on.

In comparison to these unknowledgeable pet owners there are many more pet owners who are aware of these hazards and many more are truly concerned. However, they don’t have a solution or know that one exists. Even pet owners who know about or have tried to use shoes or boots, do not bother, because they know that they will come off or a shoe will be lost when the dog is off somewhere out of sight on its own,

So either way, if a pet owner doesn’t recognize the hazard, they will not be aware that there is an affordable solution.

It does require a couple minutes and a little extra effort to put on shoes or boots, but once they start using them most pet parents would never let their dog go out against the same hazard ever again without putting on their shoes or boots first.

For this reason we are asking you, as a veterinarian to keep the words SNUGGY BOOTS in the back of your mind for when pet parents ask you what they can do to protect their pet from cold weather, or how to prevent bleeding paws, or what to do about an older dog that has difficulty standing up on tile surfaces.

We also ask you to consider using or recommending Snuggy Boots when you are putting bandages on paws to heal lost toe nails, a lost paw pad, lacerations, abrasions and so forth. Now that Snuggy Boots Footwear Suspenders are available to keep light breathable canine socks in place, we ask you to take a look at using this combination to protect bandages, help keep them in place, and reduce the likelihood of infections.

The elastic tension in the Snuggy Boots suspender leg straps can be adjusted quite high so dogs that are dragging their front toe nails, or dragging their back legs, may be able to lift their legs clear of the ground with each step. Furthermore, the reinforced toes and durable soles of the booties described in this website will protect toe nails and paw pads from additional injury even if they do drag their paw.

We understand dogs with arthritis and similar walking difficulties need two or more walks lasting twenty minutes each day to maintain muscle tone. It has been both reported and observed first hand, that dogs can and will walk farther, faster and longer when wearing the Snuggy Boots suspenders and footwear system. Whether this is due to cushioning of the foot or flexing of all the dog’s leg joints by the elastic strap tension is not known. There may be some residual benefit beyond the actual time during which the Snuggy Boots suspenders are worn by potentially improving muscle tone.

We understand that paw injuries, walking difficulties and paw protection is only one small part of all the medical issues that dogs can incur. We are asking that you suggest Snuggy Boots to your clients when you feel comfortable that their dog can benefit from this product as a solution to a current problem or prevention of future problems.

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